There are many ways to tackle cleaning a pool cage, home or deck. High pressure shouldn’t be one of them. High pressure is destructive and forceful. When you mix high pressure with typical Florida maintenance problems, you are asking for more damage you can ask for. Have you been through a detailed inspection of you house recently? Even with a regularly maintained house you can find rotten fascia boards, loose or peeling paint, oxidized (powdery) paint, advanced mildew buildup around the foundation and fragile screens. These things are very common to see in high humidity areas. Our SoftWash cleaning methods can clean all these surfaces to perfection without the risk of blowing paint off, creating holes in fascia boards and/or “tiger” striping old paint.

Soft-Washing cleans all types of surfaces with industrial grade detergents. Not every surface is to be treated the same. Some surfaces require mild pressure or brushing, and some require absolutely no pressure and only detergents. Our trained technicians use the proper detergents and cleaning agents to do all the work so high pressure is not needed to get your home, pool cage or deck to it’s prime shine!

All of the detergents and cleaning agents that we use are 100% bio-degradable. Our crew of highly trained technicians take all precautions to protect your home, plants, pets & family! In an event that we need to use a strong detergent, you will be notified during the estimate and all the landscaping (where necessary) will be covered, rinsed down and any excess detergents will be collected.

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