As time passes, the walls of homes and buildings gradually accumulate dirt, grime, sediment, mold, animal waste and other unsavory substances. It is a mistake to leave these substances on the walls of your home or business. If you live or work anywhere in the Clearwater area, we are here to return your walls to their original appearance. If we can’t completely restore them to their original aesthetic, our wall cleaning service will dramatically improve their cleanliness and visual appeal.

About Our Wall Cleaning Service

We clean the walls of Clearwater homes, businesses and other facilities with a low-pressure washing system. Unlike many of our Clearwater competitors, we refuse to use chemicals that have the potential to damage walls. Rather, we use fully biodegradable chemicals to thoroughly clean walls of all varieties. The aim is to return walls and siding to their original appearance. Pressure washing can be applied to every type of wall and siding, regardless of whether it is aluminum-vinyl, stucco, fiber cement or wood.

Why Every Clearwater Property Owner Should Have Their Siding Cleaned

A power washing of walls and siding is a highly effective means of getting rid of all that sediment, mold, algae and random debris that clings to your property’s walls. If enough accumulates, it will compromise the aesthetic appeal of your home or facility. A comprehensive power wash is a solution to this problem. It beautifies walls and siding. A wall cleaning also decreases wear and tear by eliminating everything from insects to mold, weeds, algae and beyond. Do not let this grime build up without taking action. If your property’s walls and siding are not power washed, they will gradually deteriorate, causing damage to masonry, wood, paint, and stain.

Clearwater Properties Face a Heightened Risk

Power washing is more important to Clearwater properties than those in other areas of the country. Clearwater’s subtropical climate makes it difficult to keep walls and siding in tip-top shape. Our area receives ample sun, rain, wind, and humidity. The dirt and grime stick to the sides of homes and other buildings with ease. Add in the fact that mildew, mold, and algae settle on these surfaces and eat away at the siding and the problem becomes that much more severe. This is precisely why every Clearwater property should receive a wall cleaning at least once every year.

A Power Wash Saves Money

Have a wall cleaning performed at your Clearwater property and it will dramatically reduce surface wear. A wall cleaning boosts curb appeal that pleases neighbors, customers, and potential property buyers. A wall cleaning will also preserve your money as you won’t have to invest in as many paint jobs in the coming years.