What are the benefits of sidewalk pressure washing?

Routine sidewalk cleaning in Clearwater has many benefits in addition to maintaining a fresh, clean look for the exterior of your property. Hard surfaces in and around have a tendency to accumulate dirt, grime, mildew, allergens, and other substances that can cause health problems for people and pets. Regularly scheduled sidewalk pressure washing by a well-established, reputable company will clear away all of these contaminants so you do not have to worry about them.

Sidewalk Pressure Washing Effectively Combats Mold
The humid subtropical climate of Clearwater is ideal for mold growth. The rainy season from June through September supercharges bacteria growth. Mostly warm temperatures year-round with few nights below freezing mean mold colonies can easily form and thrive. Patches of green algae and bacteria absorb and hold water, making sidewalks slippery in some spots. Sidewalks that are not properly maintained can quickly become a slip and fall hazard for residents and visitors. Additionally, the mold spores can be easily tracked indoors where they circulate in the air until they find the right conditions to start another thriving mold colony.

Sidewalk pressure washing removes pollen, dirt, dust, bacteria, and other allergens before they build up. Regularly scheduled sidewalk pressure washing of your community ensures you are doing your part to keep the neighborhood safe and healthy.

Regular Sidewalk Pressure Washing Saves Money
Some HOAs think they are saving money by skipping routine sidewalk pressure washing. A heavily stained sidewalk with a buildup of grime and mud is much more difficult to clean. Cleaning a neglected sidewalk requires more time, more detergent, and may require a complete resurfacing to bring it back to looking new again. Neglected sidewalks give an overall unkempt look to the neighborhood and decrease the curb appeal of homes. In a competitive real estate market, homes in a well-maintained neighborhood have an advantage. They are more likely to sell at top dollar and spend fewer days on the market.

Experienced, Knowledgeable Professionals are Essential
There are a lot of companies that offer sidewalk pressure washing services. They do not have the same level of knowledge, experience, and resources. Choose a registered, licensed company that is fully insured and has years of experience specializing in HOA pressure washing services. An inexperienced service provider can cause property damage or cause more problems in the process of trying to clean sidewalks, common areas, parking lots, and areas around pools.

Contact ClearView Surfaces for Sidewalk Pressure Washing Services
The team at ClearView Surfaces carefully control the application of cleaning solutions so that we can thoroughly clean your sidewalks without disrupting your property or business. We are one of the top HOA pressure washing services in Florida and can help maintain the beauty of your community with our complete HOA pressure washing resources. Along with sidewalk cleaning, we also provide driveway cleaning and pressure washing services in Clearwater, Fl. Contact us at (813) 965-4559 for more information About ClearView Surfaces and to schedule a free consultation for HOA pressure washing and commercial pressure washing services.