Does My Brick Patio Really Need To Be Sealed?

Is it really true that brick patios require less maintenance than their wooden counterparts? Yes and no. While brick patios do require less overall care than most wood options, you still aren’t getting a completely maintenance-free option. You still need to consider measures that will keep your brick patio looking spectacular for years, even decades to come.

Weeds and fading are two potential problems brick patio owners need to consider. Failing to properly care for your brick patio can also cause the patio to become uneven.

While these problems can be destructive, there are straightforward solutions that you can explore. Sealing your brick patio may not strike you as a necessary move, but it is well worth considering the benefits of doing so.

Why Your Brick Patio Needs To Be Sealed

Just like every other part of your home, the weather can cause a variety of problems. UV rays can cause cracking and fading. Water from rainfall can lead to erosion. Hail and snow can cause problems over the short-term and long-term, as well. Weeds and ants can eventually make their homes in the cracks that are likely to appear.

Using a water-based sealer for your brick patio is likely to be your best solution. A water-based sealer can prove to be extremely effective at solidifying/hardening the sand in the joints. Weeds and ants will not be able to fill the cracks as easily either. The “wet look” you get from sealing can also prove to be beneficial. The end result can have stones whose appearance has been nicely emphasized. At the same time, you’re going to love the fact that your brick patio is now going to have a rich, vibrant aesthetic.

A good sealer can even prevent colors from fading through constant UV exposure.

Power washing your patio is the first step in the sealing process. From there, you will also want to use muriatic acid to remove some of the smaller stains. Leveling out uneven bricks is the next step, which can be accomplished by having them removed, with a suitable amount of sand added to the areas that require evening out. Simply pouring and sweeping sand into the cracks can prove to be incredibly effective.

Finally, a pump-up garden-type sprayer will be used to apply 2 coats of a water-based sealing product to your brick patio. Don’t apply too much. You only want to use as much as you know the bricks are capable of absorbing.

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