Homeowners, commercial property owners and those who make decisions at HOAs often wonder what, exactly, to look for in pressure washing providers and their services. If you need something cleaned or pressure washed, do not hire any old cleaning crew. The industry’s best keep your interests in mind every step of the way.

Here’s a look at some common mistakes people make when selecting pressure washing providers.

Failing to Check the Credentials of Pressure Washing Services Providers

The cleaning company you hire should have formal credentials If the company lacks certification for the industry and a license, do not hire them. It will also help to reach out to the construction contractor’s board to guarantee the company in question has a valid license.

Randomly Choosing a Pressure Washing Services Provider

Do not choose the power washing business with the best looking logo or coolest sounding name. Base your selection on the services provided, price, and reputation. Conduct extensive research before making a commitment.

Not Obtaining References

It is awfully difficult to distinguish legitimate online reviews from phony ones. When in doubt, obtain references from current and former customers. Seek out references to determine if the pressure washing provider in question is worthy of your business.

Not Verifying Insurance Coverage

Those who provide pressure washing services must have up-to-date commercial liability insurance coverage. Such coverage is necessary in the event that there medical bills stemming from an injury that occurs on your property while performing the cleaning. If the pressure washing provider does not provide proof of insurance, don’t hire them!

Opting for the Pressure Washing Services Provider With the Lowest Rate

Do not select the pressure washing provider with the lowest price. Cleaners who charge the least tend to use low-quality products. Price should be a factor yet it should not be a deal-breaker.

Failing to get an Estimate on Paper

Do not accept a quote provided over the phone or even in person unless it is documented with the contractor’s signature and date. Verbal promises will not suffice. Every last detail of the pressure washing services should be detailed.

Overlooking Odd Claims

If any strange claims have been made against the company you are considering, do not assume it is just rumors. Odd signs are an indication the power washing provider is not worthy of your business. So don’t be eager to hire a company that claims it can clean anything or a business with more than its fair share of disappointing reviews. Be patient and exercise caution when selecting a pressure washing provider.

Choosing a Company That Does not Guarantee Its Work

If the company in question refuses to guarantee its work, you will be on the hook in the aftermath of the project. The bottom line is you should only have to pay for work that meets your standards. Every single guarantee should be documented in the contract.

ClearView Surfaces Pressure Washing Services

ClearView Surfaces are the professional and experienced pressure washing providers you have been looking for. We go to great lengths to ensure that you and your property are respected and treated safely with the highest quality services possible. Reach out to us today to learn more about our commercial pressure washing services. Give us a call at (813) 965-4559 to schedule an appointment.