Most people think of the patio as a place to lounge, enjoy the weather and keep a watchful eye on the barbecue. However, this surface is a bit deceptive as it has been keeping a nasty little secret from you. The typical Clearwater patio acts in a manner similar to a sponge. This surface absorbs all sorts of different contaminants including those found in precipitation. As you know, Clearwater gets its fair share of rain. The problem with patios acting like sponges is that contaminants are directly absorbed into concrete patio surfaces, spurring significant damage.

The Danger of Contaminants Seeping Into Patios

If you allow contaminants to breach your Clearwater patio, they will eventually cause chipping and cracking. These unsightly formations will occur across the patio surface. Some might extend down below the surface as well. However, there is a line of defense against these threats: ClearView Surface’s low-pressure power wash system for patio cleaning.

Clearwater Patio Cleaning

Don’t let your patio’s concrete surface degrade due to exposure to contaminants. Our patio cleaning team can help preserve the integrity of your patio. Our thorough patio cleaning will boost its visual appeal, maintain its structural integrity and increase your home’s resale value.

We make use of a low-pressure power wash system. Our team avoids using high-pressure power washes as they almost always cause some sort of damage. We have selected the perfect 100 percent biodegradable chemicals to work in unison with our low-pressure power wash system. We apply these solutions to give Clearwater concrete patios a comprehensive clean that stands the test of time.

Let our Patio Cleaning Crew Bring Your Concrete Patio Back to Life

Tap into the power of our power wash system and we will remove that nasty buildup of contaminants across the entirety of your patio. We have patio cleaning down to a science. Give us a chance and we will eliminate all of the grime, dirt, mildew, algae and other unsavory particles that have accumulated on your patio. Our professional cleaning team will return your patio to its former glory so you can feel proud of your Clearwater property.

Contact us Today to Schedule Your Patio Cleaning

Reach out to our team to obtain a free quote. We perform cleans for homeowners and business owners across the greater Clearwater area. You can contact us by dialing (813) 965-4559.