The most neglected part of a property is the exterior. While rooms and fixtures, appliances and almost everything inside a home are cleaned routinely, the exteriors are not really attended to. For many homeowners, the exteriors are only taken care of at the time of repainting or if there is some structural damage. Whether you wish to sell your home and need to ensure it is appealing or you simply want to take care of the exteriors, you should consider pressure washing.

The exteriors of your home bear the brunt of the weather. The façade, the walls, the driveway, the windows and doors, they all endure the dust, dirt, grime and stains of myriad kinds. From natural debris to chemicals, there will be a substantial adverse impact on the aesthetics caused by many factors. Then there’s the sun with the ultraviolet rays, the rain and wind. Hiring a pressure washer will not only help you to get rid of all these undesirable elements from your exteriors but you would also have an appreciated property value. It would be easier to sell a home and even if you don’t want to sell it, the enhanced curb appeal having an impact on the resale value on paper is a good enough reason to hire a pressure washer.

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing or power washing is using water laden with chosen cleansers at controlled pressures to get rid of the dirt, dust and all kinds of stains from hard surfaces. Pressure washing doesn’t mean that one would use water gushing out of a hose with a huge pressure. The pressure is just nominal because too much of a thrust will damage the siding, walls or roofing materials and will effectively ruin the aesthetics further. Pressure washing is smart use of power and cleaning agents suitable for the surface that has to be cleaned.

Pressure washing is particularly helpful in removing algae, mold and mildew. Normal scrapping or just spraying some water and wiping wouldn’t get rid of hard stains or even algae. Pressure washing is also convenient because one doesn’t have to physically reach out to every part of the exterior. Pressure washing has a substantial reach. It is a quick process, effective and not very expensive.

Why hire a pressure washer?

If you have a power washer or can put together the equipment necessary for pressure washing, then you may want to attempt it yourself. Pressure washing is not a DIY project. You may not know the exact pressure to be exerted for effective cleaning while not damaging the materials. You may not know the chemicals that should be used for impeccable cleaning. Not all cleaning agents are effective and not all are safe. You should also consider personal safety because substantial precaution is needed to not cause injury to yourself or others. You must also be conscious of potential damage to property if you go wrong with your DIY pressure washing mission.

What to look for in a pressure washer?

A professional pressure washer must have a registered business, a license, and must be insured. The professional must have years of experience and the portfolio must include the type of home you have. Don’t hire commercial pressure washers who have very limited experience or haven’t really worked on the kind of property you have, including the materials used in constructing your home.

There are many companies that have pressure washing as something they do but are not really experts at. Stay away from companies that don’t have any history or cannot really provide you with much reference.