If your fence is dirty, you might be tempted to rent, borrow or buy a power washer to give it a thorough clean. This is a mistake! The typical person does not know how to properly use a power washer. Most people opt for the strongest possible setting and blast away at their fence or other portion of their property assuming the water will clear away all that built-up grime and gunk. The unfortunate truth is that using a regular high-powered power washer to clean a fence will likely cause extensive damage.

Keep the Surface of Your Fence in Tip-Top Shape

If you clean your fence with a high-powered power washer, it will damage the surface. This damage won’t gradually occur throughout the project. Rather, it will happen right away. Sure, the high-powered pressure washer might clean off the dirt and grime yet it will also leave a damaged fence surface behind. The solution is to ally with Clearwater’s proven power washing professionals.

A Professional Fence Cleaning Done Right on the First Try

We are revered as the best fence cleaning crew in the greater Clearwater area for good reason. We make use of a soft wash system that cleans fencing in a completely safe and effective manner. Our team has access to low-powered pressure washers that will not compromise the integrity of your fence in any manner. We also use 100 percent biodegradable chemicals to ensure your fencing is cleaned in a thorough manner.

Clearwater Power Washes Performed With Care

Let our team power wash your fence and you won’t have to worry about whether your surrounding landscaping, bushes, trees, grass, and flowers are treated with care. We take a close look at the nuances of each property before getting to work. Our team will wash every area of your fence and avoid your delicate landscaping.

Why Clearwater Property Owners Should Have Their Fences Cleaned

Every fence builds up dirt, grime, gunk, bird droppings and other unsavory particles as time progresses. Let ClearView Surfaces clean your fence to keep it looking its best. Aside from boosting the visual appeal of your property, a thorough fence cleaning will also keep your fence structurally sound. This way, you won’t have to shell out your hard-earned money for a brand new fence in the coming months or years. It is much cheaper to have our fence cleaning experts power wash the gunk off your fence than it is to have the fence torn down and completely replaced. Call us today at (813) 965-4559 to get a free quote.