Our Drive-thru Cleaning Meets the Highest Standards

Clearwater business owners need their drive-thru to be in the best possible condition across the entirety of the year. ClearView Surfaces is fully aware if this space does not meet the state’s health code rules, your business will be cited for a violation. We are here to ensure your drive-thru is the highlight of your business.

The Highest Standards of Cleanliness

Our Clearwater cleaning crew will clean every last inch of your drive-thru and it will pass even the most stringent health code inspection. We hold our cleaning experts to standards higher than those of the state’s health code inspectors.

We take the challenge of cleaning drive-thrus just as serious as cleaning windows, decks, garages, fences, patios, and other spaces of properties. Our cleaning experts will clean the entirety of the drive-thru area. This thorough clean includes all of your drive-thru lanes and paved spaces.

Get Rid of all That Gunk and Grime With a ClearView Surfaces Clean

The best part of a ClearView Surfaces drive-thru clean is it gets every last bit of all that grime. It doesn’t matter if your drive-thru is laden with mold, grease, oil, dirt, dust, or any other unsightly substance. It will be eliminated during our comprehensive clean. We make use of a soft wash system on spaces that require extra attention. The purpose of this approach is to prevent damaging your property.

Our mission is to execute the perfect clean without compromising the integrity of your drive-thru or surrounding spaces. Once the clean is complete, your drive-thru will look like it did when it first opened. This in-depth clean is exactly what your business needs to keep customers happy and returning for additional visits.

Why a Clean Drive-thru Matters

Customers judge businesses based on their offerings and presentation. If your drive-thru is not in tip-top shape, people will perceive your business as substandard. Don’t let this happen to your Clearwater business! Let our cleaning crew get your drive-thru in fantastic shape and customers will not hesitate return for future visits. Another benefit of a clean drive-thru is energy efficiency. Dirty surfaces attract and retain heat. Your drive-thru should be as cool as possible.

Those dark surfaces might not be completely comprised of dirt. They might also have mold and bacteria that threaten the well-being of your customers and staff. A thorough clean will ensure the build-up of gunk does not reach the point where costly maintenance, repair or replacement is necessary. This is the cost-effective solution your drive-thru needs to look its best, impress customers and ultimately add to your bottom line

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