An In-depth Cleaning Will Make Your Deck Look Brand New

Plenty of homeowners assume their deck requires minimal or even no maintenance. In reality, just about every deck requires some attention. In some instances, repair, or a fresh coat of paint is necessary. The one thing that benefits every type of deck is a thorough cleaning.

Proper Deck Cleaning

If you take a close look at your deck from every angle, you will likely notice it is dirtier than it appears. Decks gradually build up dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other gunk. This occurs on the surface as well as other portions. The problem with letting your deck accumulate grime is it will eventually become dull. As time progresses, your deck’s color will gradually fade. This is true for decks that are fully stained as well as those with water seals. The solution is a thorough clean by ClearView Surfaces.

We use a special power wash system with fully biodegradable chemicals. This is the low-powered power wash your deck needs. The power of the water flow is intentionally limited to prevent damage to your deck during the cleaning process. This is one of the many seemingly minor but important differences between our deck cleaning company and the competition. Let our team of cleaning experts clean your deck and it will look like it did when it was first installed.

A Cleaning Process Second to None

ClearView Surfaces’ deck cleaning service washes every part of the deck, from the railings to the stairs, the walking surface and beyond. This is the comprehensive wash your deck needs to look its best. Our detergents destroy all of that grime, dirt and dust. Whether your deck is loaded with mold, algae, gunk or even living organisms, it will all be gone following our thorough clean.

The Friendly Cleaning Team You Have Been Looking For

Give us the chance to clean your deck and you will quickly find we are different from the rest of Clearwater’s cleaners. We are a family-owned and operated business. We treat each of our customers as if they are a member of our family. We take great pride in the fact that many of our customers are so happy with our work that they recommend us to family, friends, co-workers and others.

Let us get to work on beautifying your deck and you won’t hesitate to step on it while barefoot. Just as important is the fact that you will feel perfectly comfortable letting our professional staff work on your property.