How You Should Choose Cleaning Services

No two commercial cleaning services are equal. The breadth of services and the quality of those services differs dramatically from one provider to the next. Here is exactly what you should look for when choosing a commercial cleaning service.


The best in the business provides commercial cleanings for facilities of all types and sizes. These commercial cleaning superstars are capable of cleaning just about every aspect of a business. Whether it is a facility’s walls, siding, roof, windows, parking lots, sidewalks or heavy equipment, the cleaning company should be able to get the job done without flaw.

The Proper Credentials and Protection

Do not make the mistake of allying with a commercial cleaning company that is not fully licensed and insured. When in doubt, ask to see proof of these documents. Make sure they are legitimate and up to date. If a company cleans your facility without liability or workers’ compensation insurance and an employee is hurt, there is a good chance you will have to pay some or all the resulting medical bills and other costs associated with the injury.

An Extensive Knowledge Base

Elite commercial cleaning companies have the experience and knowledge required to perform a thorough clean of numerous surfaces. Furthermore, they know how to comprehensively clean all sorts of gunk and grime without damaging the property itself. These substances include dirt residue, moss, mildew, green or black algae, and stains.

Consider Customer Feedback

When in doubt, take a look at each prospect’s reviews. You can check out the reviews posted to online directories or social media. You will obtain even more insight by asking your friends, family and colleagues about their experiences with local cleaning companies. Do not hesitate to take it a step further by asking the commercial cleaning company you are considering providing references. A conversation with current and/or former customers will provide useful insight that helps you make a well-reasoned decision.

A Prompt Response

Imagine a situation in which your facility requires a rapid clean due to employee sickness or a storm. Perhaps your company’s CEO calls to say he will be dropping by the next day for a visit. Your commercial cleaning company should be capable and willing to get the job done within a day or two.

Service Should Extend Beyond the Cleaning

Customer service is an important component of commercial cleaning and commercial pressure washing services. Try to get a gauge of the commercial cleaning service staff’s cordiality (or lack thereof). These employees should be professional, polite, respectful and trustworthy. If you have any suspicion the staff isn’t thankful for your business or genuinely friendly, move on to the next candidate.