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Soft Wash Or Regular Pressure Washing

Tired of those ugly, varied stains on your deck, siding, or patio? You’re not alone. Thankfully, when it comes to subjects like how to clean your deck, or how to clean your patio, you have options. You can really break down your options for washing decks or washing sidings into two categories. There is the [...]

How often should I have my vinyl siding pressure washed?

Vinyl siding is not high maintenance. You don’t need to clean vinyl siding every month or even once in six months. Properties located in very dusty areas or where the siding gets stained quickly will require a more frequent cleaning schedule. As a rule of thumb, vinyl siding should be pressure washed once a year. [...]

Cleaning Teak Wood With Citrus

Teak Cleaning and Citrus If you are wanting to care for and clean your teak, there are many different solutions that you can use. Many people assume that the cleaning solution they choose to clean does not really matter, but this is not the case at all. You need to make sure that you carefully [...]

Should I Seal My Brick Patio?

Does My Brick Patio Really Need To Be Sealed? Is it really true that brick patios require less maintenance than their wooden counterparts? Yes and no. While brick patios do require less overall care than most wood options, you still aren’t getting a completely maintenance-free option. You still need to consider measures that will keep [...]

How Does Graffiti Affect Property Value?

Graffiti In The Community While some think that graffiti is art, it is actually a crime. The illegal defacement of someone's property is a criminal offense. This particular crime not only costs the "artist" financially (cost of the paint supplies), but it costs the neighborhood, as well. Property owners incur an extra expense of graffiti [...]

3 Things To Expect From Soft Wash Cleaning

#1 No Damage! The most important thing about SoftWashing is how it leaves no damage. Most houses have at least a couple of soft areas around the house. It may be in the paint, wood or maybe some old warn out screens. Traditional pressure washing is very good at finding these spots and opening them [...]

What Is Soft Washing?

There are many ways to tackle cleaning a pool cage, home or deck. High pressure shouldn’t be one of them. High pressure is destructive and forceful. When you mix high pressure with typical Florida maintenance problems, you are asking for more damage you can ask for. Have you been through a detailed inspection of you [...]