#1 No Damage!

The most important thing about SoftWashing is how it leaves no damage. Most houses have at least a couple of soft areas around the house. It may be in the paint, wood or maybe some old warn out screens. Traditional pressure washing is very good at finding these spots and opening them up, allowing moisture to get under the paint and “spider web” the damage out around it. This leads to early rotting on wood, peeling paint, and cracking stucco. Using our bio-degradable soap, low pressure melts away the mildew, mold and grime.

#2 Brighter!

Unlike pressure washing, a SoftWash can remove a majority of organics stains. This would include all those pesky nuts, berries and dirt stains that pressure washers don’t remove. On average, you can see a 20-40% shade difference between pressure washing and SoftWashing. Nothing compares to a SoftWash! We’ve never had a customer go back to pressure washing!

#3 Longevity!

This is the big seller for most people. Nobody wants to pay for the same service over and over. Would you want to pay your property taxes twice a year? Would you like to pay one year of taxes and get two-four years worth of it? On average most SoftWashes last 2-4 times longer than pressure washing! Why does it last longer? Our detergents consist of a mildew-cide or an algae-cide that kills all the active spores. Pressure washing blows away the loose, large mildew or algae spores leaving thousands of invisible spores These spores only need moisture and sunlight to thrive and grow. Pressure washing only removes large visible mildew or algae spores, leaving thousands of invisble spores behind. With damp conditions, these invisible spores can grow excessively. With SoftWashing lasting so long, it’s no wonder why customers asked for it again.

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